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Vines are important in that they provide food and habitat for wildlife and may provide privacy for us. However, some have become serious problems for our trees.

In many parts of our island, vines are overwhelming our canopy trees. When we cut roads or clear areas for buildings, we create the perfect environment for vines to grow. When these vines become so heavy that they weigh down or deform the tree or when they block out the sunlight, they are killing the tree. Some vines may girdle trees.

When invasive vines become established in a new area, they often out-compete our native plants and alter the environment.

This problem has increased dramatically in recent years. As a result, we all (individuals, neighborhoods/HOAs, the City & County) need to actively manage the vines in our trees.


  • Cut the vines as close to the roots as possible before they produce fruit/seed.

  • Where possible, pull out the vine runners and roots, if this can be done without damaging the tree.

  • Pull out any easy-to-reach parts of the vine. Let the parts of the vine above reach die and disintegrate.

  • Monitor the vine situation around your trees annually and repeat as needed.

Typical Problem Vines


  • Utilize the same process as above before the vines develop reproductive parts

  • Because of the level of herbicide pollution in some of our Amelia Island waters, ATC urges restraint in the use of these products. However, if the invasive vine cannot be managed in any other way, paint the end of any remaining invasive with a non-selective herbicide (glyphosate), which cannot be sprayed

  • Double bag invasive material, especially any reproductive parts, and dispose of it in the trash

Two important Florida State laws to bear in mind:


  1. Working with invasives requires a permit

  2. Herbicides can only be applied on your own property or with owner permission, and the individual using the herbicide must be licensed

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Protect our endangered maritime forest

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