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"Right Plant, Right Place"

Compare your tree and the location. Do you have a match? Will the tree have enough room to grow to maturity? If not, look for another location or choose a different kind of tree. 

  • How large is the space?

  • How much light does it get per day?

  • How much water does it get? Is it usually very wet or very dry?

  • What kind of soil do you have? (sand, clay, soil with lots of organic matter)

  • What are the hottest and coldest temperatures?

  • Are the conditions likely to change (growth of other plants/construction)?

  • Are there electrical wires overhead or pipes/cables buried underground?

  • Check with your utility companies.

  • Is there access to water so that you can water the tree regularly after planting?

  • How tall does it grow?

  • How wide does it grow?

  • How much light does it need per day?

  • How much water does it need?

  • What kind of soil does it like? (sandy, soil with lots of organic matter, etc.)

  • What temperatures can it tolerate?


Dig a wide, shallow hole 2-3 times wider than the root ball and the same depth as the root ball

Pack the soil firmly at the bottom of the hole

Remove the container (burlap, pot or wire)

Lift the tree by the root ball and place it in the hole. (Never lift a tree by the trunk.)

Identify the trunk flare, the part that expands at the base of the tree. Make sure to plant the tree at a height where the flare will be partly visible above the soil after planting

Straighten the tree. Look at it from all directions to make sure it is in the right position

Fill the hole. Pack the soil firmly around the root ball to stabilize it and eliminate air pockets.

Use the leftover soil to create a water well around the perimeter of the hole

Water deeply. Fill the water well and let the water soak in. Repeat this three or four times

Spread 2-4 inches of organic mulch like pine straw or shredded bark around the base of the tree, but leave 1-2 inches between the tree and the mulch


Soak the roots of the tree every other day for two weeks

After the first two weeks, water at least once a week, unless we have rain. Check the surface of the soil below the mulch every few days to see whether the tree needs water. It should be moist, but not wet. If it appears dry, water deeply.

After the first month, water once every three weeks or month, depending on the weather. During hot, windy weather, water more frequently.

In mid-fall start decreasing the water.

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Protect our endangered maritime forest

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