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Protect the Trees at Atlantic & 8th - FDOT Meeting on May 28, 2024

The sidewalk on Atlantic Avenue and 8th Street needs repairs but the type of new sidewalk proposed could kill the tree roots.

The Florida Department of Transportation has scheduled a public meeting to discuss the new sidewalk on Atlantic between 8th & 10th Streets.

We encourage everyone to attend.

DATE: May 28, 2024

TIME: 4:30 to 6:00 pm

PLACE: Fernandina Beach City Hall, 204 Ash Street

ONLINE: (enter access code 120-5928-193)

A strong showing from the public makes a difference! Please do your part to save these old growth oak trees.


  • FDOT is responsible for the maintenance of the roads and sidewalks within the City of Fernandina Beach.

  • The sidewalks on Atlantic Avenue have significant trip hazards from tree roots which have raised and cracked the sidewalks and FDOT staff will be conduct the repairs.  

  • In repairing sidewalks that have heaved, the International Society of Arboriculture recommends "bridging" a tree's root system (covering it) with metal or wood decking so that the trees remain healthy. Trees whose roots are removed or cut are likely to decline.  

  • We understand from an open letter published by the Sierra Club, that FDOT has said that their workers will not "bridge" the roots but will remove or cut the “offending” roots.

  • Two of the trees between 8th and 9th Street on Atlantic are Heritage Trees and have special protections. Not all trees may be afforded the same care.




  • ATC hired Chuck Lippi to prepare a report on the type of sidewalk to build that would protect the trees which we sent to FDOT. We have not heard back from FDOT.

  • Conservation groups from across Amelia Island raised objections to the FDOT plan for the trees.


  • The meeting on May 28, 2024 is intended to discuss FDOT plans for the repair of the sidewalk and the management of the tree canopy. We encourage as many people as possible to attend.


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