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City of FB Designates 10 More Protected Heritage Trees

At the May 16, 2023 City Commission meeting, resolution 2023-72 designated ten trees as Protected Heritage Trees in accordance with land development code section 4.05.15 procedures. Five (5) of them are on private property; one being the Hair's tree that was the first stop on the recent ATC Trolley Tour!

Photograph by 2023 ATC Photography Contest Winner, Karen Reily

Trees located on private property:

202 N. 18th Street, 1315 Broome Street, 2200 Atlantic Avenue and in Shell Cove Subdivision

Trees located on public land:

304 Division Street, 701 S. 6th street, Fernandina Beach Golf Course, 1324 Broome Street, and 13 S. 13th Street


In 2006, the City of Fernandina Beach began identifying city trees under a ‘Heritage Tree’ program in order to preserve the city’s magnificent and important tree canopy. From 2006 to 2022, thirty-two (32) trees were designated. Then with a refocused effort on this program from January 2022 to May 2023, twenty three (23) additional trees have been added, bringing the total Heritage Trees to fifty-five (55). People are recognizing the need to protect trees in the face of rampant development. It is everyday citizens who are finding magnificent trees to nominate and, in the process, they are learning how trees benefit us in tangible ways: protecting structures from damaging winds, storage of storm water, absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, providing shade and wildlife habitat, among other benefits. Amelia Tree Conservancy applauds all those who are actively seeking potential Heritage Trees to nominate and we encourage you to continue to do so. The Heritage Tree designation protects the tree from indiscriminate removal and also benefits a property owner by having the City share in the cost to maintain its health. The criteria the tree needs to meet is that it must be at least 36" in diameter, healthy, and native. It could also have a possible historical connection to a person, property, a historical event, a unique appearance, or play a significant role in the landscape of a location. To join the movement to protect our island’s trees, on both public and private land, and for specific information, please visit the Fernandina Beach website,

The Heritage Tree nomination form can be found here.


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